is a service offering billboards to the general public for the purpose of celebrating birthdays, congratulations, memorials and more on a day-to-day basis. We partner with billboard companies large and small, working as the intermediate agent. This lets us keep a lower cost for the customer because we handle everything. Created by the folks at Tasty Ad.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You select your state, city, and desired billboard location. Select the days you want your message to run. Use our pre-designed message templates to create your ad/message. Pay and done! The entire process takes under 5 minutes.

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How much does it cost?

The cost is determined by each individual billboard company. Usually ranging between $19 – $39 per day. Upon selecting your billboard location you will see the pricing. View Pricing Here

What billboard locations are available?

​​We are always adding new locations. The list of billboards/cities is visible on the app page. Click Here to View Available Locations.

How often will my billboard message pop-up?

​​Every 1-5 minutes, depending on how many other messages are running. On average every 2 minutes, from 12AM to 11:59PM on the dates you select. Equaling ~ 337 – 1,350 flashes of your message in 1 day.

What types of billboard messages can I create?

We have 50 pre-designed and easy to customize billboard templates for you to choose from. Including Anniversary, Birthday, Benefit, Christian, Graduation, Holiday, Love, Marry Me, Newborn, Obituary, Pet, Prayer, Retirement, Wedding & Welcome Home. Any type of message outside of this may be rejected.

Can I upload my own artwork?

​​Yes, you can. However, it may be stretched or squeezed to fit the billboard if it doesn’t match. For specific sizing email us: