Let us sell your available digital billboard space to the general public.

It’s easy. No hardware or software changes on your end.

You give us access to the available space.

We do all the work, including screening the ads.

You determine the cost per day.

You collect 70% of the revenue! Cancel anytime.

How it works...

Note: We’re introducing something totally new to the public. Therefore, we’ve noticed it takes about 1-2 months for the general public to grasp the idea that they can post a message on your billboard simply by going to a website. We do all we can to help them get the idea through social media, billboard ads and other outlets. Please keep this in mind when deciding to add your billboards to our network. Once the public is on board, the response is overwhelmingly positive. They love it!

When we first start playing ads on your boards, we recommend doing the first 10 for free to generate interest. After that, a promotional rate of $9.95/day works well. The price is then bumped up from there to your suggested price per day.

Step 1)

Send us a list of the billboard locations you would like to add to info@billboard4me.com. Including photos, GPS, street names, and any other details you have. Or call 931-881-5979


Step 2)

We’ll contact you once we’ve reviewed your locations. Once the location(s) are confirmed we’ll need access to a “slot” on those billboards. This is easy to set up through Watchfire, Daktronics, Formetco and other platforms. You simply add us as an advertiser login.


Step 3)

We’ll begin posting “Your Message Here” style ads on your billboards with links to our website (billboard4me.com). We will actively engage in social media in your area as well to boost awareness.


Step 4)

We’ll send you some marketing collateral to use if you wish. This includes business cards, social media graphics, stickers and more. This is optional on your part.


Step 5)

As sales come in, you will start to see them on your billboards. At the end of the month, we’ll send you a check for your earnings. We’re very transparent, you may request to see our books at any time. We may request camera shots from time to time to post live ads on social media.