Marriage and Billboards

Billboards are a great way to advertise, but sometimes they are used for something special. James Guy recently contacted Tasty Ad about our mini-billboard frames offered at, and he told his awesome plan. He was wanting to get his girlfriend a mini-billboard along with a billboard in his local city to ask his girlfriend if she would marry him. Of course, we were willing to help in any way we could! After his proposal, James sent us an email:

I wanted to follow up with you on my billboard proposal. It went down this past Monday and she said yes! The mini-billboard now sits on our mantle and will serve as a memento of the day (digital billboard is already out of rotation, haha). I think I mentioned before, but Mallory is a local meteorologist and has always said jokingly that she knew she’d made it if she got her own billboard… so I surprised her by renting one and proposed when conveniently driving past it to a fictitious dinner reservation. Little did she know that when she excitedly told me to “pull over!” our photographer friend was already camped out waiting for us, and he caught it all on camera. I presented her with a ring (and her miniature replica billboard) while people honked congratulations at us driving past. It was terrific. Thank you again for your efforts in covert shipping and helping orchestrating the billboard stand arriving incognito, I really appreciate it! She had no idea!

Marriage Billboard 1
Marriage Billboard 2

Planning on popping the question? We have 2 ways you can do that! Go to Billboard 4 Me, create and schedule your ad, and order a mini-billboard for a keepsake at Billboard Stuff.

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