Testimonial 2

I do want to say I LOVE THE WEBSITE and the ability to recognize my family for various occasions! I will definitely continue to do this, especially how easy it was even for an OLD girl like me.

Julie M.

This is the best money I have ever spent! My wife and I have a unique relationship and are always looking for odd ways to have fun with birthdays, as they are a big deal in our house. Billboard4Me is awesome! Easy to do and the options are great. This was the highlight of my wife’s birthday! I’m hooked!

Christian C.

Was coming home just now and saw your billboard announcement saying bday billboards are $19.95, and immediately came home to check out your website. This is the most awesome thing ever! I am about to start dropping some not-so-subtle hints on my Facebook in hopes that someone will do one for me next month! Heck, I may do it myself if no one bites! Haha!

Elizabeth H.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your business. I did a trial run with you guys to see what my images would look like on your billboards. I am a National Gospel Recording artist from Mississippi, and I just relocated to the Birmingham area. I absolutely love how business-minded your company is. You can definitely look for further business from me. Thank you again.

John “JayStudd” Spencer