Man Buys Billboards for Anniversary

Bonita Springs husband surprises wife with 7 billboards for anniversary

Mitch Gilbert knew he had to think of something special for his wife Denise to honor their 25th wedding anniversary. But surprising someone you’ve been married to for more than a quarter century is no easy task.

“I wanted to make a statement,” Mitch said. “I just love her… I can’t even explain how much I love her.”

Mitch spent a year plotting and planning. Then, one day while driving an idea came to him: he would share his love for Denise with the world on a billboard.

“I had no idea what was coming,” Denise, who found out about the billboard and the six others Mitch had made through a friend’s text.

The billboards are on display in various locations through Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers. They each read:

“Hey Denise Gilbert,
After 25 years of marriage, you still do it for me.
Love, Mitch”

The messages will be up through the end of April, which is the Gilbert’s anniversary month.

As for how Mitch will top his anniversary gift next year, Denise had one response. “I hope nothing more,” she said. “He’s a little crazy,” she added with a laugh.

by Sean Martinelli


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